In the "How to choose the right photographer for you" post I listed some detailed questions you should always ask (and why) before booking your photographer. Since I recommend you ask them I'd better go ahead and answer them myself. 

Don't hesitate to give me a shout if you come up with some more to run by me! 


Q: Can I see one (or two, or three) WHOLE wedding galleries. 

A: Full Wedding Galleries

Q: How much experience have you had? 

A: As of January 2018, I will be starting my 8th year of being in business as a professional photographer...adds up to lotsa weddings and a WHOLE bunch of experiences the good, the bad, the ugly...and the funny! My "education" in photography began when I was a young kid (like, borrowing books about photography from the library kinda old) and since then it's all added up to thousands of hours of learning the tricks of the trade. 

Q: Will there be two photographers? 

A: A second, professional photographer is included in all wedding packages minus "elopements". I work with a handful of incredible photographers all over the country who come help me rock your wedding day! Most of the photographers working under me are also full blown wedding photographers owning and rocking their own businesses. Which gives me the peace of mind that if something dreadful happens to me they are FULLY capable of providing excellent coverage without me. 

Q: Do you have backup equipment/gear?

A: Um...well my camera bag isn't 70lbs for nothing. We've got backups for backups. 

Q: Are digital images included? What are your “Print Policies”? 

A: It's 2018. As for me and my business, we included digitals. Custom USB included. And how does an easy-access online gallery that won't expire for 10 years sound? Prints and albums can be purchased at additional cost. Or take your included digitals and print wherever the heck you want. 

Q: Do you have liability insurance required by most high-end venues?

A: I wish my website would just let me enter an emoji thumbs up here. 

Q: Do you have a contract that lay out the important details like: How long will it take for the photos to be delivered? What happens in case of a photographer emergency? Payment arrangements, cancellations, digital policies, etc.  

A: Yes. I've got a kinda long contract that covers all the important things. I'm pretty sure most people sign it without reading...they should read it. I paid a lot of $$$ to have it drawn up for both our sakes!