Many of you know Jake and Sammie as the winners of this years Valentines Engagement Contest! They are such a sweet couple and Nelson and I enjoyed meeting and working with them! We had spectacular lighting for our evening shoot down along the Rio Grande! It was a joy to be able to photograph them and their darling little girl! Wishing them the best of luck!2013-05-17_0005.jpg 2013-05-17_0002.jpg 2013-05-17_0008.jpg 2013-05-17_0010.jpg 2013-05-17_0003.jpg 2013-05-17_0012.jpg 2013-05-17_0013.jpg 2013-05-17_0001.jpg 2013-05-17_0007.jpg 2013-05-17_0004.jpg 2013-05-17_0014.jpg 2013-05-17_0011.jpg