It is so hard to believe that my youngest sister is a high school senior! She wanted to incorporate her passion for music by using her fiddle/violin (she plays both styles proficiently) as a prop. I am excited to see how the Lord will work in her life as she heads out this summer to start the adventure of adulthood!lisa-9992.jpg lisa-9988.jpg lisa-0031.jpg lisa-0023.jpg lisa-0004.jpg lisa-0007.jpg lisa-0041.jpg lisa-0045.jpg lisa-0057.jpg lisa-0070.jpg lisa-0110.jpg lisa-0115.jpg lisa-0020.jpg lisa-0126.jpg lisa-0147.jpg lisa-0156.jpg lisa-0161.jpg lisa-0234.jpg lisa-0362.jpg lisa-0162.jpg lisa-0399.jpg lisa-0484.jpg lisa-0416.jpg lisa-0466.jpg

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