Jess is an Ohio country girl who longed for the west. Fresh out of high school, she loaded up her car and started towards Arizona. Along the way she got a job on a large ranch in New Mexico and met Jim, the cowboy in the bunkhouse on the other side of the corrals. Their first date was a campfire on Valentine's day two years ago.

So after exploring a canyon near where Jim grew up, we built a fire and broke out the s'mores. The perfect ending to an amazing day! 

I started this year committed to more "for the heck of it" kinda sessions with people near and dear to my heart. Jim is my little brother. I grew up near this canyon too. LOL. And this isn't an engagement session. It's a "your bossy big sister and beautiful girlfriend ganged up on you and we are going to take pictures for the heck of it" kinda session. 

New Mexico Adventure Photography | Jim & Jess | Copyright Lyndsey Garber Photography