I live for engagement sessions like this one outside of Laguna New Mexico. The location, stunning couple, horses, crazy cow dog, turquoise…I am just so very thankful for the people I get to meet and the places that I get to go as a traveling wedding photographer.

The ranch this session is on has been in Monica’s family for generations! And I LOVE that. That’s “my people!” And I really can’t put into words how incredible this session with Kyle & Monica really was. So I’ll do what I do best by sharing their photos with you!

Ps. It’s also like 2am New Mexico time. Please make no serious judgements on my grammar and spelling! Although I’m usually always this bad. 

Pss. Monica’s dresses! (This is where I’d enter 3 heart-eyes and a dancing girl but…professionalism.) 

New Mexico Ranch Engagement Photography | Laguna New Mexico | Copyright 2016 Lyndsey Garber Photography