Mentorship & Internship Opportunities

Lyndsey Garber Photography offers the unique experience of customized one-on-one, full day mentorship sessions that include a one year follow up. Availability for mentorships is limited.

Intern opportunities available. 



Your one-on-one, *in person mentorship session is completely customized to the areas you are trying to grow in as a photographer. Before hand, I would visit with you about the photography/business areas you feel you would like to grow and we would focus on them. The approach to the mentorship will change greatly if you are someone wanting to better learn to shoot ranch-lifestyle work and promote your art vs. someone who is wanting to grow a wedding or portrait photography business. 

  • Gear, Software and Resources
  • CODB & Calculating Pricing
  • Attracting Ideal Clients & Marketing
  • Booking Clients & Contracts
  • Preparing for a Session
  • Lighting & Posing 
  • Post Processing (editing) Workflow
  • Blogging & Website SEO
  • Using Social Media
  • Image Delivery & Product Sales
  • Time Management
  • Back-Up Routine 

Disclaimer: In a one day mentor session that is a LOT of information to throw at you! Hence the reason your mentorship includes 1 year of followup mentoring. Workbook included.

*In person mentorships sessions only. Skype/Video Chat Mentorship Sessions are not available due to rural internet issues. 


(Please note: We are unable to accept any more internships for 2017-2018. However if you are interested, you may be able to "shadow" me for select shoots and weddings.)

Gain real life experience during a 1-2 week long internship period where you have the opportunity to watch Lyndsey with real clients and see an up close and personal view of what it takes to run a successful photography business. Contact for application.

Disclaimer: Internship opportunities vary greatly. However Lyndsey will schedule your internship around the time she feels you will gain the most experience.